Centre for Social Justice Limited by Guarantee (CSJ) is a Nigerian knowledge institution with a visionof a Nigeria where social justice informs public decision making. Its mission is to mainstream social justice and fairness in all facets of public life. It was established to introduce professionalism in civil society work and to use social entrepreneurship to provide cutting edge services to enhance and deepen economic, political and social change in Nigeria. 

The main objectives are to: 

  • Contribute to the development and implementation of national laws and policies on social rights and justice in accordance with international best practices;
  • Promote accountability, transparency and popular participation in public finance  management;
  • Promote poverty reduction strategies as a tool for social justice;
  • Promote popular participation and gender mainstreaming in public decision making;
  • Broaden the constituency of professionals interested in development and wealth creation by creating and maintaining a multidisciplinary network of professionals committed to work for the realisation of these objects.

Key Programme Focus

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