Concluding thoughts on Nigeria’s economic restructuring (2)

The new economic paradigm should not be one of perverse incentives where physical and intellectual laziness and lack of creativity is encouraged and rewarded under an equalisation programme. Rather, it should be one that encourages creativity, the enhanced use of the intellect and physical action for the purposes of economic growth and development. In this direction, taxes such as Value Added Tax and any sales tax under any guise whatsoever should be collected and utilised by the states or (more…)



The House of Representatives Committee on Health Care Services (Committee) has requested for the support and technical assistance of CSJ to use empirical evidence to review the 2017 federal health budget. The Committee expects CSJ to facilitate a legislative retreat on the health budget estimates and to take action to facilitate the work of the Committee towards the approval of the health budget. The overall goal is to contribute to the production of an effective 2017 federal health (more…)

Thoughts on economic restructuring (1)

The debate for the restructuring of Nigeria is ongoing and it seems to be the latest fad in town. The debate is premised on some fundamental and undeniable aphorisms. The first is that a majority of Nigerians are not happy with their living conditions, the way they are governed and what they get out of the Nigerian union. Daily, we see opportunities in all spheres of life, but they are wasted and are not converted into the possibilities of development. But we can start a process that taps (more…)