Do you know that the National Assembly has approved autonomy for Local Government Councils (LGCs).

  • LGCs will now have a secured tenure of 4 years;
  • Unelected or caretaker LGCs will no longer receive allocation from the Federation Account;
  • LGCs will now receive direct allocation from the Federation Account while the State Joint Local Government Account will be abolished.
  • INEC will now organize LGC elections.

But our Governors are saying a big NO to these Reforms. They want the status quo to remain so that they will still be mismanaging LGC funds. You can take action and join the campaign for LGC autonomy so that our people can have the opportunity to hold their elected LGC officials accountable for the resources entrusted to them. We need the YES votes of 24 State Houses of Assembly to achieve LGC autonomy.
Join us on Twitter on Tuesday December 2 2014, hash-tag #LGAutonomy between 10am – 2pm for discussions on the way forward.

To sign the petition to make this happen, please click here.

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