National Assembly And The Cost Of Governance

The Policy Brief is focused on the reduction of the cost of governance, specifically on
the cost of running the National Assembly (NASS). It analysed the considerations used
by RMAFC in the 2007 review which led to an increase in the allowances and
remuneration of NASS members. This includes (a) changes in the basic fundamentals
of the Nigerian economy; (b) External reserves; (c) GDP Growth rate; (d) rate of
inflation; (e) correct placement of some category of public office holders who were
wrongly placed in the old package; (f) need to modify old salaries and allowances and
introduce new allowances that were not included in the old package; (g) need for a
living wage to ensure honesty and dignity of the office holders and (h) need to ensure
compliance with the provisions of sections 84 (3) and 124 (3) of the 1999 Constitution
which states that the remuneration and salaries payable to the office holders and their
conditions of service, other than allowances, shall not be altered to their disadvantage
after their appointment.


National Assembly And The Cost Of Governance
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