Implementing The 2017 Federal Capital Budget

The capital component of the budget, as distinct from the recurrent expenditure, is the part of the budget that makes the greatest impact on the lives and welfare of citizens. Recurrent expenditure focuses on payment of salaries of personnel and overhead costs. It is a fact of life that government is run by individuals who need to be paid and overhead costs incurred to ensure smooth governance and administration. But the public servants constitute less than one per cent of the population and (more…)

Anti-corruption war and honesty of purpose

Governance is about building public trust and goodwill between the leadership and the people. It is about telling the truth and being clear on the vision and mission of governance so as to enable the people to buy into the vision. Collectively, the leadership and the people achieve national goals and set standards. It is also about leadership by example and demonstrating unwavering commitment to legal and policy standards. Effective leadership is also concerned with the rule of law and its due (more…)

Local Content, Jobs And Economic Development

Recently, it was widely reported that the Federal Government had hired a Malaysian firm to review the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan. The firm is to, inter alia, set up focused labs in agriculture, transport, power, gas, manufacturing and processing. The Minister for Budget and National Planning, Udo Udo-Udoma, stated that the firm would “help us and bring their international connections, reach and give it credibility. It is for $500,000 per lab”. This intervention, coming at a time of a (more…)