Agenda For The National Conference

The fireworks have already started at the National Conference and more drama is expected in the coming days. But we should not lose sight of the opportunities that the confab presents for the future of our dear country. The first disagreement was on the voting majority for decision making. The media reports indicate a sharp divide between the North and the South; while the North wants 75 per cent majority, the South proposes 66 2/3 per cent. A committee of 50 “wise men and women” was set up by the (more…)

Centre for Social Justice Makes FOI Request to Ministry of Petroleum Resources

In view of the large sums of money spent perennially on the turn-around-maintenance of refineries which ends up turning around the pockets of the contractors and those who award contracts to them, CSJ seeks to know the details of the turn-around contracts. CSJ therefore sent an FOI request to the Minister of Petroleum Resources seeking to get information on:

  • The amount spent on the turn-around-maintenance of Nigeria’s four refineries in the last ten years;
  • The name, address and contacts of (more…)

Impunity and the Rule of Law

The 1999 Constitution created three arms of government namely the legislature, the executive and the judiciary. These arms are expected to cooperate while acting as checks and balances on one another with a view to entrenching good governance in Nigeria. In recent times, Nigerians seem to have lost hope and confidence in the ability of the legislature and the Executive to govern in a responsible and responsive manner. We are left with only one arm which prides itself as the last hope of the citizen, (more…)