Patriotism, ethics and civic responsibilities

In the maze of the crisis of governance that afflicts our nation, there are fundamental issues that the majority of Nigerians have neither given a deep thought nor followed through. These are issues of patriotism, ethics and civic responsibility. The first is that as citizens, we are responsible for instituting government and we are also in a position to demand accountability from the government. Essentially, governments and government institutions have a duty to be accountable to citizens and must (more…)

Jonathan’s Presidential Committee On Job Creation

A few days ago, President Goodluck Jonathan set up a committee including ministers and representatives of the private sector and charged it with creating three million jobs. There was no timeframe attached to the mandate of job creation. A set of reactions went through my mind as I read about the committee and what it was tasked to do. The first centred on the idea of job creation itself. It seems at last that the President is touching base with the reality of the unemployment situation as against (more…)

How much is your vote worth?

How much is your vote worth?

Today’s discourse will seek to raise the poser: How much is your vote worth? It will also seek to raise possible answers to that poser. The vote is one of the fundamentals of the electoral and democratic process. Voting is done after becoming a registered voter and acquiring the requisite cards and documentation. The exercise of the voting franchise is a hallmark of citizenry, self-expression and the affirmation of the right to decide who governs your society. The (more…)