Nigeria and dearth of politics of principles

Great Nigerians, we are witnessing a lot of going back and forth, approbating and reprobating, blowing hot and cold all in the name of politics, in the country. This leaves the average reasonable person with a lot of unanswered questions; they are left to continuously ponder over the essence and message of Nigerian politics. The questions are legion and apparently very few concrete answers have been proffered. What is the brand and what is the label of Nigerian politics? What message does it send (more…)

Ebola and financing health care

The Ebola pandemic ravaging the West African sub-region and which has come into Nigeria is an ill-wind that blows death and destruction on its path. The ability of Ebola to decimate its victims is phenomenal – nine out of 10 victims do not survive. It is stated to have no known cure. However, in adversity, there is an opportunity to learn, draw appropriate lessons, learn from the best in class and improve in such a way that we can proudly say “never again” shall we be taken by surprise by any major (more…)

Opportunity to turn things around

These are not normal times. They are times that task the conscience and reason of any discerning Nigerian who has been watching the country move from one avoidable crisis to the other. As we look back to the promises of a great nation, united in its diversity, where tribe and tongue do not matter, a country that harnesses its abundant human and material resources and compare this dream to where we are today, one conclusion is inescapable. Clearly, we have failed in our attempt to achieve development, (more…)