This is the third year of compiling Capital Budget Pull-Outs for the six geo-political zones by Citizens Wealth Platform (CWP). The idea is to provide information to all classes of Nigerians about capital projects in the federal budget which have been appropriated for their zone, state, local government and community. There have been several complaints by citizens about the large bulk of government budgets which makes them unattractive and not reader friendly. Yes, it is difficult to wade through a maze of figures in a 2000 page document laden with accounting codes and numeric language. With this simplification in the Capital Budget Pull-Out, citizens and civil society groups are therefore expected to follow up and monitor the implementation of these projects to determine whether they are implemented according to schedule and specifications and whether value for money has been mainstreamed.

CSJ urges that this document be widely circulated to all nooks and crannies of Nigeria. Everyone should feel free to download and share with others. Hard copies are also available at the secretariat and will be made available upon request. As we go into the 2015 elections, it is imperative for citizens to determine the performance of key political actors and institutions. If at the end of the day, this Pull-Out succeeds in helping citizens to hold the federal government accountable to its promises in the budget, then we would have achieved a key objective.

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North Central 2014 Capital Budget Pull-Out
North East 2014 Capital Budget Pull-Out
North West 2014 Capital Budget Pull-Out
South East 2014 Capital Budget Pull-Out
South South 2014 Capital Budget Pull-Out
South West 2014 Capital Budget Pull-Out

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